It is possible to declare trigger statements in the evoke slot of a MLM.

An example would be:

data: an_event := EVENT{an event};;
evoke: an_event;;

This MLM would write the current time, when the event happens.

For the evoke slot, you may use:

Starting the Evoke Engine

You can start Arden2ByteCode with the -e or –engine option instead of -r or -c. This will start an engine that invokes the MLM on the desired schedule. It will listen for events indefinitely or until closed with ctrl+c.

The engine can be used together with the –port number option. This will start a server, that listens for event mapping strings on the given port.
To send an event to the server on port 9701 type (in Linux with Bash):

echo "Patient admission" > /dev/tcp/

Or connect via telnet:

telnet 9701