Getting the source

To use Arden2ByteCode, first download or clone the source.

Building the source

Now that you got the source, you can build (compile) it. You first need to generate the parser using the SableCC parser generator. There are 2 different ways to build it:

Both will automatically call the “sableCC” target in the build.xml and generate the .java files for the parser in the packages analysis, lexer, node, parser. This can take some time, but will only happen if the .java files do not exist or are out-of-date.

When the input grammar is changed, you will need to regenerate the parser. Before regenerating the parser, you should call the “clean” target (ProjectClean… in the Eclipse menu or ant clean using the command line) to ensure there aren’t any old files left behind.

Creating distributable files

To create a JAR package file and helper scripts to launch it, call the jar target in the build.xml:

The distributable files will be built in the in the dist/ subdirectory.

To create distributable .tar.gz and .zip files which contain MLM examples, the JAR file and launch scripts, call the dist target.

Launching Arden2ByteCode

Having built the source or a JAR file you can now launch the Arden2ByteCode compiler.

More information about using the compiler is given in the Command Line Options wiki page.