If you want to express your medical knowledge with Arden Syntax you can use Arden4Eclipse, an Arden Syntax Editor for the Eclipse IDE. It integrates Arden2ByteCode so Arden Syntax code can be easily written as well as executed.

Arden4Eclipse is made with the Xtext framework.


The following convenient features are provided after installing Arden4Eclipse:


These screenshots show the plugin while writing and running Medical Logic Modules (MLM):

Getting started

If you don’t have Eclipse yet, you may download the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers at https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/.

You can choose between two ways of installing the Arden4Eclipse:

Once Arden4Eclipse is installed, hit ctrl+n and create a new Arden Syntax Project or add a new MLM file to an existing project (Java Project, General Project, etc.). When Eclipse prompts if you want to add the Xtext Nature to the project, choose “yes” to activate the Arden Syntax Editor.

Try inserting a for-loop: Place the cursor into the logic slot, hit ctrl+space to bring up the content assist window and select for - iterate over sequence.
To rename a variable, select it and hit shift+alt+r. You can format (indent) the MLM by hitting ctrl+shift+f.
To run the MLM with Arden2ByteCode, right-clicking on it and selecting Run As…Medical Logic Module.

Be sure to have a look at the documentation for more information about writing MLMs in Arden Syntax.

Do you have problems to get started or ideas on how to improve Arden4Eclipse? Then, please contact us!
You might wish to submit your issues, ideas or proposals via the Arden4Eclipse issue tracker.